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Organic Raw Sprouted Almonds- 16 oz

Organic Raw Sprouted Almonds- 16 oz

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Most (if not all) “raw” almonds available on the market today are actually pasteurized via a steam or chemical process. They may not be “roasted”, but they are certainly cooked. This extra processing lowers the nutritional integrity of the nut, destroying enzymes and compromising key nutrients such as healthy fats, protein, magnesium, and Vitamin E.

These Rawguru Organic Sprouted Almonds are truly raw.  They also take it one step further by soaking them to activate the germination process, helping to reduce phytic acid and making the nuts more digestible. Once the almonds are activated they are low temperature dehydrated for a crispy, crunchy super snack

Ingredients:  Organic Raw Sprouted Almonds

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