How does this all work?

Every Sunday night our online store resets with the products we are offering for the week. On Wednesdays, our farmers deliver their products in bulk and our team sorts everything into the selling units. We’re then open from Thursday through Sunday for customers to pick up their orders or for walk-in customers to place orders at our farmstand counter.

What is the best day to order?

Most of our products are listed by Monday morning each week and some are added Wednesday afternoon after the farms drop off and everything is sorted. The best way to stay informed on when our store is updated is to sign up for our newsletter, which is sent out 3 times a week with updates. We also encourage customers to place multiple orders and can aggregate them when fulfilling. If you do place multiple orders, it's helpful to add a note when prompted during checkout, and to remind our in-store staff when you pick up your order.

How do I place an order?

Order online anytime or walk into our storefront in Evanston. Most customers prefer to order online and select a pick up time slot that works for them. Selecting a time slot also has an added advantage, your groceries will be ready upon your arrival! When you pick up your online order, you can always add to your order while in store. 

What are your store hours?

Thursday: 12PM - 6PM

Friday, Saturday & Sunday: 10AM to 5PM

Where are you located?

810 Dempster Street, Evanston, IL 60202

Is there parking available?

Yes! There is ample metered parking on Dempster Street.

How do I contact Village Farmstand?


(847) 425-0398

I placed an online order and need to change my pickup day and/or time.

That’s okay. Please email us and let us know, info@villagefarmstand.com

I placed an online order and I’d like to add another item. What should I do?

Feel free to make multiple orders during the week and we will aggregate them. It's helpful to add a note when prompted during checkout, and to remind our in-store staff when you pick up your order. 

I would like curbside pickup, what do I do?

Please place an online order for pick up. It's helpful to add a note at check out that you want curbside pickup. When you arrive, please call us at (847) 425-0398. Describe your car and we will bring out your groceries!

Where do you get your food from?

Roughly 85% of our products come from small farms and artisan vendors within 150 miles of Evanston. There are some exceptions, like our organic citrus which comes from small certified organic farms in California. Currently, we source from over 70 farms that utilize organic or regenerative farming practices.

You are out of stock on an item I would like. Why do you often sell out?

Our system was designed to maintain freshness and reduce food waste. For these reasons, we aim to sell out of products with a limited shelf life. Keep in mind if you see something that says “Sold Out”, it will be restocked or removed from the online store by Sunday evening. This is another good reason to sign up for our newsletter so you can stay informed on what is available each week.

Can I hand select my food like in a traditional grocery store?

All of our products are stored in temperature controlled environments in the back of our store to ensure the highest quality and freshness. It also helps us to avoid food waste and allows us to fulfill orders in a timely manner. You can always ask to see products before purchasing or can reject or replace products when picking up an order.

I selected delivery, when will my order arrive?

We deliver on Fridays throughout the Chicagoland area. We do our best to deliver orders between 10am-4pm and utilize text message notifications to give customers a 30 minute heads up before delivery.

Why don’t all of the products say they’re organic?

A number of our farmers only farm part time on less than 5 acres of land and obtaining a certification is time consuming and cost prohibitive. One of our goals over time is to help these farmers obtain organic certifications.

In addition, we believe that we can do better than organic. Our certified organic farmers do use organic fungicides as part of their growing practices, which are still harmful to the environment and our health. For this reason, we seek out farmers using regenerative practices. See below for a description of what this means.

What is regenerative agriculture?

Regenerative agriculture focuses on increasing biodiversity, soil health, climate resilience, carbon sequestration and nutrient density. There is no pesticide or fungicide use in regenerative farming. All crop issues are solved by increasing the health of the plants. Everything sold at Village Farmstand comes with a focus on sourcing from farms using regenerative practices. 

Wouldn’t it be better for me to buy direct from a farmer at a farmer’s market?

There’s nothing wrong with supporting farmers at farmer’s markets and many of the farms we work with also do farmer’s markets on the weekends. For a small farmer to make an honest living, they need multiple sales avenues and that’s the role we aim to play for these farmers. Our greater vision is to transform the grocery industry from a highly exploitative non-transparent consolidated supply chain, to one that is equitable and reliant on an abundance of small and mid-sized regional suppliers.

How do your prices compare to other grocery stores in the area?

Our prices are competitive in the market and about 60% of each purchase is going directly to the farmer. With each purchase, you are actively working to change our food system for the better!

Where can I learn more about our food systems?

Sustainable, a documentary by Matt Wechsler & Annie Speicher

Rodale Institute, a nonprofit focused on growing the regenerative organic movement through research, farmer training, and consumer education.


How can I support Village Farmstand? 

We are looking for Ambassadors to help us spread the word! If interested, please contact us at info@villagefarmstand.com