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Marina di Chioggia Pumpkin 7 - 10 pounds each

Marina di Chioggia Pumpkin 7 - 10 pounds each

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The heirloom sea pumpkin of Chioggia, a fishing village on the coast of Italy, south of Venice. The rich, sweet flesh is a deep yellow-orange and of good quality, delicious baked or in pies. Its meaty and sweet texture has also made this pumpkin popular as a filling for ravioli and for making gnocchi.

Originally from South America, this warty winter squash made its way back to Spain and found its popularity in Italy. This dark orange and sweet fleshed fruit was introduced to Venice in the late 1600s and quickly became a beloved addition to the culinary culture. its incredible depth of flavor quickly spread throughout Italy and the world. This beauty of a squash is still served on the canals of Venice, grilled with olive oil by the bargemen and served as a whole wedge. A sweet and savory delight, for sure! 

Grown with regenerative farming practices by Smiley Roads Farm in Wilmington, IL

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