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Funks Grove

Johnnycake mix- 8oz

Johnnycake mix- 8oz

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Ingredients: cornmeal, pure maple sugar, salt

Funks Grove Jonnycake mix is based on the rich color and flavor of an heirloom flint corn variety called Floriani that we've loved growing on our farm the past few years. We then kick it up with Funks Grove Pure Maple Sugar and a dash of salt. Think of it like an all-corn pancake, but know that it takes longer to cook, and it will absorb all the butter in your pan and then some. The result is a crunchy, toasty cake that wows with flavor. Delicious topped with sweet or savory toppings, like Funks Grove Pure Maple Sirup or salsa & sour cream! This mix also can be substituted for regular cornmeal in any recipe for improved flavor, texture, and heartiness.

Makes 8 Johnnycakes

Note: While we do not add any gluten-containing ingredients to this mix, we do not recommend this for anyone with a severe gluten allergy. Although we take great pains to avoid it, we cannot rule out accidental contact with our wheat flour.

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