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Mild Giardiniera Relish - 9 oz

Mild Giardiniera Relish - 9 oz

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Chicago’s favorite condiment. Giardiniera is a staple in nearly every Chicagoan’s pantry. Traditional Chicago style is typically made in a chunky style with a mix of pickled vegetables and oil. This version is made through a process called lacto-fermentation. The vegetables ferment in a salt water brine solution for up to two weeks which naturally creates the magic of lactic acid. This old world style of pickling gives the finished product a much more balanced and nuanced flavor. Spice level is mild.

Ingredients: cauliflower, bell pepper, celery, carrot, onion, garlic, fermented green chili, distilled water, kosher salt, spices

♥ Gluten free    ♥ Oil free   ♥ Vegan

  • 9 oz jar
  • Great for BBQs or tailgating. Imagine this relish slathered all over your favorite brat or sandwich
  • Also a delicious condiment on pizza, eggs, and avocado toast
  • Refrigerate after opening
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