Frozen Halibut Filet

Yakobi Fisheries

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Wild Alaskan hook and line caught, frozen once, 100% traceable, Halibut filet. 

Halibut are large flatfish that live on the bottom of the ocean. They can grow to be upwards of 6 feet long and well over 500lbs! Hook-and-line caught halibut average 35-40lbs. Their meat is pearly white, mild in flavor with a firm flaky texture. It is a lean meat and high in protein. Most halibut are caught by "long line," another hook-and-line fishery used to catch bottom fish.

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Yakobi Fisheries is a family owned & operated, based out of Pelican, AK, in the remote wilderness of Chichagof Island. They process all of their locally hand-caught fish and send it to a warehouse in Juneau for shipping & distribution.