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Sacred Blossom

Angel Tea Blend - 2.0 oz

Angel Tea Blend - 2.0 oz

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Winner 2019 Chicago International Tea Festival People’s Choice Herbal. Grown, harvested and blended by Sacred Blossom Farm in Mondovi, Wisconsin.

Angel is a lovely tangle of leaves, petals and fruit. This blend makes for a wonderful daily ritual to soothe the stomach and nerves and nourish the body. Mineral-rich Nettles and Milky Oats intermix with soothing Mints and Lemon Balm, brightened by sweet Apples, Fennel, Elderberries and Rose Petals. Beets add even more nutrients and turn this unique infusion a glorious ruby color. Wonderful served hot, or, staggeringly delicious when served iced with lime and sugar

Ingredients: Nettle, Milky Oats, Fennel, Mints, Elderberry, Apple, Rose, Stevia

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