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Funks Grove

3-in-1 Fruit Wowzer 1 oz

3-in-1 Fruit Wowzer 1 oz

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 Fruit Leather made with local fruit & Funks Grove Pure Maple Sirup

3-in-1 Pack: one each of Apple Pie, Black Currant Jam, and Pear Cobbler 

These satisfying snacks are a local, healthier version of fruit roll-ups that definitely "wow" with flavor! We've combined fresh, local fruit with Funks Grove Pure Maple Sirup to create a delicious, nutritious, long-lasting fruit leather snack that we call Fruit Wowzers!

Black Currant Jam, our "original" flavor, is made from fruit from our farm, and with its intense sweet-tart-sour flavor, you'll know how we came up with the name "wowzers!"

Apple Pie flavor combines our own heritage apples with maple sirup plus a touch of cinnamon and salt so you can take homemade apple pie goodness with you wherever you go.

Peach Nectar is a celebration of our first-ever peach harvest and it lets the peach flavor shine! Nothing but fruit and maple sirup here. First you'll say "mmm" and then you'll say "WOW"!

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