Bossa Cheese - 6 oz

Green Dirt Farm

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Bossa is Green Dirt Farm’s signature, award winning sheep cheese. It has a super soft, silky texture with a custard-like center. Bossa is a “washed-rind” sheep’s milk cheese, a style of cheese in which brine (salt water, sometimes with added cultures) or spirits are applied to the surface as it ripens.

Washed rind cheeses tend to have pungent aromas and are lovingly referred to as stinky cheeses. Bossa is aged for five weeks before wrapping and reaches its peak at about eight – nine weeks.

Farm notes: Green Dirt Farm's favorite way to serve Bossa is to cut off the top and spoon it onto a crusty baguette. You can also pair Bossa with dessert wines, sparkling wines, hoppy beers, stone fruit or tomato chutney.

Made with pasture raised, grass-fed sheep milk by Green Dirt Farm in Weston, Missouri