Buf Ovoline Mozzarella Cheese - 7 oz

Buf Creamery

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Mozzarella cheese made with water buffalo milk, resulting in a rich and delicately flavored cheese.

Why water buffalo milk? It has higher fat and protein content than cow's milk, making it perfect for fresh cheeses like mozzarella!

Health benefits of water buffalo milk are: a high calcium content, low in cholesterol and rich in omega-3 fats. This cheese is a classic, and for some the only option on dishes like Caprese salad, on pizza, or eaten straight drizzled with balsamic and salt.

Staff notes: “Ovoline” is an Italian word that translates to “egg sized.”

Lactose free, made with water buffalo rennet

Made by Buf Creamery with grass-fed, mountain raised water buffalo milk in El Rosa, Columbia. Their buffalos enjoy their life in cloud-forest paradise, surrounded by the Andes mountains, rivers and lush grasses.